In its business activities, Podravka is committed to the preservation, protection and improvement of the quality of the environment in which it creates new economic, environmental and social values for its stakeholders.

With the intention of further reducing environmental impact and maintaining the level of sustainability, we have set the following key objectives:

  • developing awareness and improving the attitude of employees towards the environment through professional development;
  • continuously reducing wastewater discharge and loading;
  • managing waste as a useful raw material and resource;
  • protection against pests;
  • improving laboratory operations and wastewater treatment plant performance;
  • actively participating in the work of organisations that cover the field of environmental protection.

Pursuant to its key goals, and within the authority and responsibility of the Ecology Department, Podravka has carried out a number of planned activities, achieving important economic, environmental and social results through dedicated work.  

In our business activities, we are committed to the preservation, protection and improvement of the quality of the environment in which we create new economic, environmental and social values for our stakeholders.

Environmental Protection Policy

Environmental protection is one of the main priorities of Podravka, and it is implemented through the application of the principles of sustainable development and cleaner production.

Significant progress in reducing Podravka’s wastewater discharge and loading has been achieved due to improvements in the performance of wastewater treatment plants, especially the plants located in Danica and on Starčevićeva Street. Better analytical control of all wastewater streams and systematic monitoring of loading has resulted in a noticeable improvement of wastewater laboratory operations in Podravka. To facilitate more efficient waste management, additional activities were implemented in Podravka, resulting in increased waste management efficiency:  recycling yard, organizing recovery and sorting of all types of waste, verifying record keeping and reporting of packaging waste, tracking the status and movement of harmful substances, and reporting. Appropriate protection against pests for all organisational units and business processes in Podravka has resulted in a high quality of manufactured products. Podravka has also been actively involved in the work of many organisations that cover the field of environmental protection, like Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development, Croatian Chamber of Economy, Economic Interest Group of Beverage Producers, Eko-Ozra.

Podravka is a well-recognized company which produces food and medicinal products that meet the highest standards of quality, safety and efficiency.  Our product development process is based on optimizing industrial processes, developing new products, and improving existing products that stay on top of the latest food industry trends, as well as satisfying the demands, wishes and needs of our consumers in line with the latest trends in technology and raw materials. By using raw materials which have a beneficial effect on the human body and by focusing on the development of functional products, we put the care for consumer health at the center of our efforts. In close cooperation with our suppliers, we try to adapt and optimize raw materials in order to maximize the quality and appropriateness of our finished products. 

By optimizing production processes, we aim to develop products that have a direct or indirect effect on savings in terms of materials, energy and water, thus reducing the use of resources in production. In product development, we adhere to the following principles:

  • good manufacturing practices (GMP) that affect the final product, with the aim of ensuring the safety of medical and food products,
  • the HACCP system,
  • ISO 9001:2000,
  • other standards and regulations pertaining to food industry (IFS, BRC, NSF, Halal).


Environmental protection


Environmental protection

Reducing the amount of disposed waste and implementing integral waste management systems instead of uncontrolled waste disposal in the natural environment, these are the fundamental requirements of the modern world and sustainable development of modern economies.

Waste management is performed in accordance with legal provisions, and the waste collected via separate collection is handed over to authorised waste collectors.

With the aim of reducing the volume of waste, special attention is paid to the following areas:

•          preventing waste generation,

•          organising separate collection of various types of hazardous and non-hazardous waste,

•          appropriately disposing of final products and raw materials that cannot be placed on the market or put into further production for any reason whatsoever,

•          performing hazardous waste and harmful substances flow control,

•          addressing packaging waste issues,

•          tracking collected waste flows,

•          providing continuing education for all employees.

By collecting different types of waste separately, we reduce the amount of municipal waste, and protect the environment and human health.

Water management at Podravka represents an integral approach to water related issues, encompassing drinking, utility and waste water.

Rational use of water as an important resource is the underlying idea behind this integral approach. In terms of drinking water, rational use means continuous water quality monitoring as well as consumption and usage control. In line with the above, the idea of water recirculation has been put into practice wherever possible.

The wastewater discharged to the public sewerage system is submitted to an approved external laboratory for analysis which encompasses all quality indicators specified in the Water Permit. Due to the fact that the values of wastewater discharged to the city system must meet wastewater discharge requirements and quality standards at all times, continuous wastewater quality control and monitoring is carried out as an integral part of the overall environmental protection efforts.

A waste water treatment device for factories was introduced in the Danica Industrial Zone as early as in 1975, which proves Podravka’s long-term commitment to watercourse protection.

Air emissions from stationary sources are regularly monitored, measured and controlled, and measurement results are in line with legal requirements.


The cooling equipment for facilities and cold storage of goods uses various refrigerants as provided by law, which belong to the category of ozone-depleting substances. Regular equipment maintenance performed by authorised maintenance technicians ensures that all legal requirements are met.


Podravka has  joined the Phase III of the EU ETS (European emissions trading system) on 1 March 2013, and fulfils all its obligations arising out of the ETS Directive.

These obligations include continuous CO2 emission monitoring, unit verification and reporting, and a continuous search for solutions to improve processes and equipment with the aim of reducing emissions units.

Podravka also takes an active part in environmental protection activities as a regular member of recognized national organisations and associations: Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development, Environment Protection Community in the Economy at the Croatian Chamber of Economy, Economic Interest Group of Beverage Producers, Eko-Ozra, Hrvatske vode, Croatian Standards Institute.


For the past 10 years, Podravka has also been actively involved in preparing, evaluating and developing various activities organised to celebrate the European Mobility Week in the local community. On account of its results in the field of environmental protection, Podravka received a number of valued recognitions awarded by the City of Koprivnica to the participants in the competition for businesses entitled "To work without my car" 

Podravka`s GMO policy is defined by the following principles:

  • producing food by taking into account the high level of Environmental protection and Food Safety Management



  • safe and healthy ingredients that are not derived from genetically modified sources and do not contain genetically modified organisms, and from them produced raw materials
  • continuously improve and document through the Food Safety Management System