Kranjska sausages

Kranjska sausages

In a fine company

Podravka Kranjska sausages contain a high content of meat, even 98% of quality pork or beef meat. 

They can be grilled or served with mustard as a meal on its own, with stews or on rich piquant pizza. 


Long-established tradition of production and quality • As a meal on its own or in stew, Podravka Kranjska sausages add perfect taste to every meal


Preparation: cooking – take the sausages out of the packaging and simmer for 10 minutes. Barbecuing – take the sausages out of the packaging and bake on a barbecue or in a pan for 8 – 10 minutes. Before baking it is recommended to cut the sausages a bit on the surface.

  • Storage: Storage; Keep at temperature up to + 4°C
  • Shelf life: Shelf life: 45 days vacuum package and MAP
  • Packaging: Vacuum package: 333 g (4 com) and MAP app. 2,3 kg.


Ingredients: pork meat, beef meat, salt, spices and spice extracts, soy protein, dextrose, emulsifier E450, antioxidant E316, flavour, preservative E250. May contain mustard.

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