Fini Mini Cream Chicken Soup

Fini Mini Cream Chicken Soup

Yippie! for the quickest chicken soup

It takes only 2 minutes to prepare this soup that tastes fabulous!

This is a mild, cream soup with chicken, complemented by vegetables (carrot, celery and red pepper) and spices that give it a full flavour and the aroma of home-made chicken soup. Chicken flavour is rounded by added finely chopped dill which intensifies the fragrance and taste. Yippie for the top production techonology and for creamy chicken soup! 


Quick to prepare, delicious meal in 2 minutes, requires no cooking

Directions: This is an instant soup, so simply pour 200 ml of boiling water over the mixture, stir well and let stand for a minute or two

Ingredients: Modified corn starch, skimmed milk powder, dried vegetables 10.5% (carrot, celery, onion, red pepper), palm oil, table salt, potato starch, flavour enhancers (monosodium glutamate, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate), whey powder, yeast extract, lactose, spices, dried chicken meat 1.3%, bread crumbs (wheat flour, yeast, table salt), wheat flour, milk protein, flavoring, parsley leaf, chicken fat, egg white powder, maltodextrin, dill , hydrolyzed corn protein, antioxidant (rosemary extract)

  • Storage: Storage: Keep in dry place at room temperature.
  • Shelf life: Shelf life: 12 months
  • Packaging: Package: 18 g

Nutritional values

Energy value 34 kcal / 142 kJ
Fat 1.1 g
- Saturated fats 0.7 g
Carbohydrates 4.4 g
- Sugars 1.7 g
Dietary Fiber 0.7 g
Proteins 1.2 g
Salt 1 g
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Source: Podravka d.d. Per 100 g of product

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