Domestic plum marmalade

Domestic plum marmalade

The recognizable taste you love

Enjoy the traditional recipe and a unique taste which flavour will bring you back to childhood!

Natural and rich in taste, this marmalade offers a multiple pleasure, especially in warm mornings during the breakfast with domestic plum marmalade spread on a slice of integral bread, with a cup of fragrant tea. 

Natural and healthy, cannot be better!

Plums contain more than 60 nutrients which have beneficial effects on our body, thus are very preferable in a balanced diet. 


Natural and healthy, lots of fruit, traditional recipe

Značajke proizvoda


domestic marmalade is ideal as a bread spread with butter or for preparation of sweets - pancakes and cakes.

  • Storage: keep the PVC box at room temperature. We recommend to keep the open jar in a refrigerator.
  • Shelf life: 18 months (20 g) 2 years (870 g).
  • Packaging: 20 g, PVC box. 870 g, jar.


sugar, plum puree, gelling agent pectin, acid (citric acid), preservative sulfur dioxide.

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