Unusual start of a work day at Podravka – managers in the fields from early dawn

Podravka presents long-term project of revitalizing the production of cucumbers

Picking cucumbers from early dawn at Podravka's test field next to Koprivnica, Podravka's managers led by Management Board president Marin Pucar marked the beginning of Podravka's long-term project of revitalizing the production of cucumbers on Croatian fields.

„In our latest strategy, we have placed the focus on agriculture and revival of agricultural production in Croatia, in order to ensure the best raw materials for our production needs. Growing vegetables is part of agriculture that does not require large fields, which actually corresponds to the size of our average family estates. Domestic raw material is the best, because in the shortest possible period it arrives from harvesting to processing to our Kalnik factory.

In the upcoming 2-3 years, our complete needs will be met from Croatian fields, which now is not the case, but unfortunately, we have to import more than 50 percent of our needs. This field is an example for one family estate, to have two months of continuous harvesting. We wish to show our cooperatives how this is done, so that in the future they would, together with us, create an additional value for their budget, and also to become long-term partners and Podravka's suppliers, so that the cucumbers that we sell would be coming from Croatian fields. This field of approximate size of 1000 m2 is appropriate for family of four, and it can yield about 10 tons of cucumbers, which is about HRK 50,000 income. Podravka is partnering its producers throughout the production process, from providing seeds, other materials, expert knowledge and guaranteed purchase – Marin Pucar, Podravka Management Board president said on the occasion.

This is just a beginning of Podravka's project where we plan to include other participants as well, to work on the revival of cucumbers production in Croatia, to positively influence the problem of migrating population leaving the Croatian fields, because Podravka provides them with support, future and a reason to stay.

Podravka's factory Kalnik in Varaždin annually processes about 1,400 tons of cucumbers into 2,170 tons of finished products, which are then placed in the markets of Adria region, USA, Australia, Italy and MENA region.