Strategic partnership between Podravka and Gammachef presented on an innovative project of robot-chef

Gammachef automatically prepares delicious one-pot meals, adding food and ingredients from cartridges, according to a preset digital recipe.

At the Gastronomad club today, a strategic partnership between Podravka and Gammachef was presented on an innovative project of robot chef, which represents a revolution in preparing food.

Founders and creators of Gammachef idea are Dražen Drnas and Đulijano Nola, and they have developed an innovative robot technology which can automatically prepare a one-pot meal. As they pointed out, they were moved by the passion for food and technology, resulting in a robot-chef that cooks a meal according to a real, favourite recipe, exactly the same as we do it in our kitchens. Visitors of this presentation could see for themselves by tasting the risotto, which was being prepared at the same time by the robot-chef and a real chef Mišel Tokić. 

In line with its own innovation strategy and growth strategy, Podravka continously explores the possibilities of cooperation with start-ups. The future of preparing and eating food is a global challenge, and in that segment Gammachef offers innovation and disruption, which was recognized and strategically supported by Podravka. Podravka has invested into this Gammachef project and is included in preparation of disposable food cartridges and ingredients needed for preparing meals in Gammachef. With the clear vision and striving to be a leader in the segment of innovation in food industry, Podravka is constantly exploring the possibilities and taking over the responsibility to choose and implement potencial new business models.

„Investing in Gammachef is Podravka's first investment in a start-up, with an ambition to continue investing in similar prospective projects, aware of potential risks, considering the unpredictability and uncertainty which are always present on open market. Gammachef is a company that has offered innovation and disruption in preparing food, which is in our focus and we firmly believe that the market will recognize this as well“ – Zvonimir Mršić, Podravka Management Board president said.

"We are very proud of this partnership with Podravka, a leader in food industry that recognizes the importance of innovation for competitiveness and development. Gammachef is a result of our belief in learning and knowledge exchange. If you are passionate in cooking and sharing recipes, you will like the fact that Gammachef is not a closed machine. Our mission is to help you prepare a meal according to your favourite recipe, but this time using Gammachef. Once the recipe is digitalized, you can share it with your friends, who can later prepare a meal according to that same recipe – Đulijano Nolo, founder of Gammachef said and added that the next step is cooperation with some technology partners, for example kitchen appliances manufacturers to support further technology development and commercialization of Gammachef.