Quality of this year's tomato beyond expectations

Podravka breaks records in first class tomato purchase

On the fields of Podravka's cooperatives, in the wide region of the cities of Umag, Pula and Ližnjan, tomato harvesting is coming to an end these days, and Podravka again breaks records. Namely, Podravka's Vegetable factory in Umag will process sufficient amounts of tomato for own production and the tomato is coming from Croatian fields of about 70 cooperatives, and what is specially emphasized is the record percent of first-class tomato with 5 percent dry matter. This year's tomato quality is excellent, which is a result of dedication of Podravka's team of experts and cooperatives who are continuously working on advancing agricultural and technical measures, adopting new technologies in primary raw material production, but also a result of favourable weather. Tomato harvesting started on 28th July and is completely synchronised with production dynamics at the factory, so that all the harvested tomato is processed within 24 hours top, which additionally contributes to the supreme quality of finished product.

Owing to the number of sunny days and specific soil, Podravka's tomato products contain significantly higher share of likopen, β-karoten, vitamin C and minerals comparing to other tomatoes in the market. Supreme quality of Podravka products was also confirmed by the Superior Taste Award won by the products Passata, Chopped tomato with basil and oregano and Chopped tomato with olive oil and garlic. Apart from the domestic market, Podravka distributes tomato-based products also to the markets of Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Serbia.

On the occasion of this year's successful harvest, Tomato Growers Association president Dario Makovac said: "We are very satisfied by this cooperation with Podravka, we are constantly working on improving the quality of our products, as well as on increasing the number of fields. This year the records have been broken with first-class tomato crop. We believe that by further advancement the cooperation will be even more improved and achieved results next year will be even better.“

Podravka is the biggest tomato processor in Croatia, and in this cooperation with cooperatives this year a total of 4,500,000 tomato plans were planted on the surface of 220 acres.