Podravka rewards its employees again

Podravka and Belupo workers to receive additional HRK 1,000 net reward for excellent business results

The Management Board of Podravka issued a decision on the payment of additional HRK 1,000 net reward to the workers of Podravka and Belupo for the results achieved in the period from 1 January to 31 August 2019. Since December 2018, this has been the third reward to Podravka employees for their contribution to excellent business results in the previous period. The company allocated almost HRK 15 million for these additional rewards. Last year was one of the most successful business years in Podravka's long history, and positive trends have continued this year. Thus, in the first half of 2019, the profit of the Podravka Group reached HRK 140 million, which is 16.1 percent more than in the comparable period a year earlier. In line with its business achievements, Podravka has significantly improved the material rights of its employees. According to the Collective Agreement from the beginning of this year, in addition to the rewards there are other measures as well, such as an increase in salary base and fixed allowance, payments into the third pillar of the pension insurance, increased jubilee awards and increased Easter bonus. «We are very happy that working together we managed to create the conditions for further stimulation and reward of our employees. We believe that we will continue to have positive business trends at all levels in the coming period, which means that we will continue to improve the status of our employees. Their satisfaction is the basis of Podravka's success and development,” said Marin Pucar, Chairman of the Management Board of Podravka.