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8th Cool gathering held

For the eighth year in the row, in its gastronomic center Štagelj Podravka hosted the "Cool gathering". Users of the web site Coolinarika proved enthusiastic about visiting this event this year as well, which gives them an opportunity to meet their online friends live.

About 150 guests from various countries participated at this year's gathering. Part of the day-long program was a workshop with Dolcela's new product, white gum paste. Usage and shaping was demonstrated by the workshop leader, Podravka's long year culinary promoter, Marina Paleka. The guests had the opportunity to demonstrate their newly acquired skills in the competition part of the activities. The task demanded an imaginative creation of decoration for cakes, and all guests got the opportunity to enjoy the flavours of the cakes.

"Coolinarika is primarily a platform that people trust, and the evidence of which are today's guests and the growing number of users and visitors, not only of the web-site but also of its profiles on: Facebook, Instagram and Viber Public Chat. Coolinarika is a strong Podravka brand - it is a place where we can directly listen to the needs and desires of our consumers, to which we have an opportunity to respond with new products and services" - Ivona Periša, Coolinarika operations manager said.

During the event the guests could enjoy the gastronomic offering inspired by favourite recipes of Coolinarika users, which were prepared with Podravka's products. Majority of this year's guests are regular visitors of "Cool gatherings", and during the year users of Coolinarika organize smaller "Cool gatherings" around the world.

Coolinarika is a portal to a unique world of recipes, pictures, blogs and amateur cuisines where imagination, fun and creativity result in admirable culinary skills of their online chefs. Owing to the faithful visitors, which are also the creators of the content, Coolinarika.com has become a standard of online culinary content and a right hand of every fan of good food in the region. After 13 years of its existence, almost 150,000 registered users and around 160,000 published recipes, it outgrew the role of culinary portal and became a place of inspiration, socializing and fun, and an oasis for relaxation and an opportunity to exchange personal experiences with the people from all over the world.