Vegeta again the strongest domestic brand in Adria region


The latest research conducted by one of the leading global research agencies – Ipsos, again confirmed that Vegeta is the strongest domestic brand in Adria region, including markets of Croatia, Slovenia, B&H and Serbia.

With its long-year continuous product quality and extensive promotional activities, Vegeta has built a brand that is renowned and used around the world, and in domestic Adria region it is a synonym for a range of seasoning products, which is proved also by the results of this research.

The success of other brands - Dolcela, Lino lada and Podravka soups – which are within the TOP50 of the strongest brands in Croatia should also be pointed out.

International agency Ipsos reached these results in an extensive research which included, depending on individual country, 1,000 to 2,000 respondents aging from 15 to 64, various education and gender. Calculating a unique „brand score“ indicator enabling comparison of brands of different categories, the power of an individual brand on a market is measured. When calculating, various aspects of consumer relation towards the brand are being considered, in order to reach a conclusion how well its consumers recognize it and whether they use it. Depending on individual market, BRANDpuls research in the second wave 2016 included between 1.200 to 1.600 brands and 50 to 80 categories of consumer goods.