Podravka's chefs traveled 1400 kilometers to bring our basketball players the taste of home

Podravka's delicious meals as incentive for eighth-finals

As a sponsor of Croatian Basketball Association, Podravka tries to support our team in various ways, where special contribution was given by its chefs Mišel Tokić and Zoran Delić, who cooked to cheer up our team at the European Basketball Championship in Cluj, Romania.

It was all organized within a very short timespan, even though the cooks first needed to get to Koprivnica, Mišel from Split, and Zoran from Rijeka. Having prepared all they needed, they hit the road and in one day travelled more than 1400 kilometers, in order to prepare our team delicious meals made of Croatian products, bringing them thus the taste of home. Taking advantage of our team's day off, Podravka organized in Cluj a lunch with basketball players and representatives of Croatian and Romanian media, who were greeted by Marinka Akrap, corporate marketing and communications manager.

„Podravka continuously supports Croatian sport, both national representations and numerous clubs. If someone deserves our support, then it is definitely Croatian basketball representation and we are proud to be their sponsor. Our chefs were honored to come to Romania and prepare our players delicious, domestic meals. I am sure this little incentive will come handy for the eighth-finals and the challenges before them. We believe in them and wish they come back home with medals“ – Marinka Akrap said.

It is also worth pointing out that Podravka and its products have been well known and appreciated in Romanian market. Podravka entered this market in 2000. Over the past five years, it significantly expanded the range of its products in that market, from initial 20 to as much as 70 products and in late 2015 it started to develop products in HoReCa segment, following it up with promotional activities.