Podravka presented Supisol® – own salt substitution with 35 percent less sodium

With Supisol Podravka's aim is to reduce salt intake in people's diet by 5 - 25 percent in the next 3 years

Podravka presented today an own innovation, Supisol® – salt replacement ingredient with 35 percent less sodium, comparing to regular table salt. This innovation product to participate in the global race, Podravka has been developing with the Research and Development department and in cooperation with an external partner, in order to enable consumers maximum enjoyment in product taste and meals with less salt, as of this year.

Supisol® can be used as salt in production of soups, ready-made meals, meat products, dressings, sauces, condiments, food seasonings, spices, but as an individual ingredient – salt for adding into meals, per personal preference. With its usage, on product declaration it is possible to additionally emphasize the statement 25%-40% less sodium/salt, comparing to other conventional products (produced with regular salt) and depending on other ingredients in the product.

„Podravka is the leading Croatian food processing company and as such is a flagship trends in food industry – in Croatia and in Adria region, and in the future it is our ambition to create trends outside Adria region. We base new products on trends, changes in consumer habits in order to totally satisfy their needs. Recommendations of the World Health Organization speak of the need to reduce daily salt intake to 5 g, aiming to preserve health. In line with that, we conducted research and developed own substitution for salt with 35 percent less sodium. Supisol®  will be completely produced in Podravka's production facilities, and commercial side of all the products with Supisol we expect at the begging of the second quarter this year“Zvonimir Mršić, Podravka Management Board president said.

Podravka accepted and approved the strategic document called „Nutritive strategy 2014. – 2024.“, which is also an innovation strategy of Podravka, whose goal is to adapt all of its products according to dietary recommendations (less salt, less sugar...) by 2025.

„Due to its composition, Supisol® balances the taste of food and meals, and presents a simple and efficient solution in the process of reformulating the ingredients of conventional products, without compromising the taste. Considering this is an innovative ingredient that can completely replace ordinary, table salt, researches of the perception of saltiness were conducted, apart from Podravka's research and development department, also in cooperation with our academic community, applying standard methods of sensory analytics and innovative methods of evaluating consumer preferences, such as expressing emotions regarding food tasting“ dr. sc. Jasmina Ranilović, Podravka R&D director said.  

Supisol® consists of a combination of 3 different salts (sodium chloride, potassium chloride and potassium-magnesium citrate), while regular, table salt completely consists of sodium chloride. Supisol® is a completely safe product, intended for diet of healthy people and all of those who wish or, as per doctor's advice, need to control sodium intake. It is appropriate for vegetarians, vegans, and those feeding according to recommendations of halal and kosher diet; it is gluten-free, lactose-free, no GMO, no flavour enhancers, no artificial colorings, no artificial aromas or preservatives.

Supisol®  is Podravka's new brand and patent-pending ingredient owned by Podravka, with protection effect in 148 countries of the world.