Podravka presented Gammachef at Communication Days in Rovinj

At Communication Days 2017, the biggest domestic festival of market communication industry being held in Rovinj, for the first time the food for the festival participants was today being prepared by a robot-chef, an innovation by two companies – Podravka and Gammachef.

Preparing risotto with shrimps, robot-chef competed with a real chef Mišel Tokić, and media and communication experts had an opportunity to evaluate the prepared meals, taking a blind test. In this duel, a shade better was the risotto prepared by Gammachef.

Gammachef, originally started by Dražen Drnas and Đulijano Nola, developed an innovative robot technology that can automatically cook one-pot meals. As they pointed out, they were inspired by the passion for food and technology, and this is the origin of robot-chef, cooking according to a favourite recipe in the completely same manner as we would do it ourselves in our kitchens.

„It is a pleasure, but also an obligation of all of us at Podravka, to always stay ahead when talking about innovation. We did it with Vegeta and Coolinarika, and now we did it with Gammachef. The future of preparing and consuming food is a global challenge. In this segment Gammachef offered an innovation, which was recognized by Podravka, also accepting a partnering investment in this project. We are also included in developing the ingredients for preparing meals in Gammachef, and through Coolinarika in creation of a rich database of digital recipes for robot-chef“ – Marinka Akrap, Podravka's Corporate and Marketing Communication director said.

Podravka and Gammachef continue to work on perfecting the robot-chef model in order to start its commercial production and product placement to world market in the near future.