Podravka hosted prominent Croatian scientists headed by prof.dr.sc. Dragan Primorac

Latest findings in medicine, glycobiology and nutrition science as support in developing innovative products at Podravka and Belupo

Podravka hosted today three of top Croatian scientists, prof.dr.sc. Dragan Primorac, prof.dr.sc. Gordan Lauc and doc.dr.sc. Dario Rahelić, who held lectures on latest findings in personalized medicine, glycobiology and the role of food in preventing and treating diabetes.

Podravka cooperates with scientific institutions and numerous domestic and foreign experts in developing new and innovated products, aligned with food trends and consumer preferences. Podravka's Nutritive strategy represents a framework for developing future products was created according to existing diet trends, which increase the need for products with reduced salt, sugar or fats, enriched with dietary fibers, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Prof.dr.sc. Dragan Primorac, doctor, pediatrician, geneticist and forensic scientist spoke on personalized medicine as a way into the 22nd century, focusing on individual's circadian rhythm as a key factor in disease occurrence or prevention. The importance of circadian rhythm is that it can be affected, primarily through diet and exercise, where Podravka holds a significant role of healthy living promotor through good and healthy products.

Glycobiology as a branch studying the role of glycan in biochemical processes is important in personalized health care, as prof.dr.sc. Gordan Lauc pointed out. When discussing the connection between glycan and life style, he emphasized Podravka's flagship role in trends in food and pharmaceutical industry, pointing out the importance of taking into consideration the latest findings in medicine and their implementation during production of new but also existing products.

Diabetes is increasing its presence as a consequence of today's lifestyle. Therefore diet, as pointed out by doc.dr.sc.Dario Rahelić internal medicine specialist, subspecialist in endocrinology and diabetologist, plays an important role in prevention and treatment of this disease. Food is one of the most important factors of prevention, and later, of treating diabetes, where Podravka and Belupo have a great motivation to improve the quality of living of its buyers and consumers.   

„Connecting science and food industry, we can create innovative and value-added products. Podravka is a socially responsible company and we are always guided by the notion to offer the consumers products which satisfy all the aspects of what a consumer requires and looks for, and those are quality, taste and health benefits. We wish our products to continue to be aligned with trends and needs for healthy and balanced diet. Knowledge and experiences of our scientists will be of great help for us in the development of innovative products within the entire Podravka Group“ – Marin Pucar, Podravka Management Board president pointed out.