Podravka hires 110 employees full-time

Responsible relations towards company employees and human resources management

Podravka, as one of the leading food processing companies in SouthEast, Central and Eastern Europe, because for more than 70 years it has been successfully answering the market challenges and consumer needs.

It would not be successful in it if it were not aware of the fact that satisfied employees are a key to success in achieving excellent operating results and production of excellent products. For that reason, Podravka actively manages its highest potential, and they are its employees. In order to advance their rights and position of its employees, Podravka Management Board has recently started negotiations with unions within Podravka Group, regarding changes and amendments to the Collective agreement. Today the safety of having a full-time employment has multiple positive effects on employees' engagement at the workplace and also on their personal time. As part of the mentioned negotiations, a resolution has been passed on hiring 110 young employees as full-time.

On the occasion of presenting the employees with the full-time contracts, Podravka Management Board president Marin Pucar pointed out: „We are proud to have signed today the contracts with 110 of our employees who have shown a high degree of independence and responsibility in their present work, they performed their tasks conscientiously and treated their colleagues with respect. A satisfied and motivated employee, gives back the company more than it was invested in them with their engagement at the work place and we are therefore please to have contributed to their motivation, by providing a reward for their engagement. What follows is to continue constructive collective negotiations with the unions, so that the rest of Podravka employees could also enjoy their gained material rights.“

The majority of new contracts was signed with the workers in Production department, but also employees at other parts of the company, such as Logistics, Sales, Business programs and corporate functions.