Podravka helps with digital education of children from their early age through numerous donations and activities

Aware of the importance of investing into digital education of children from their early age, within its corporate social responsibility program Podravka pays much attention to supporting projects that enable children to get acquainted with the technology as the foundation of their further education as early as kindergarten.

On st. Nicolas day, together with the partner B.T.C Podravka brought joy to children and employees of kinder garden Tratinčica in Koprivnica through valuable donation of IT equipment. The equipment will be used on all 11 kinder garden locations, and it includes four laptops, a desktop and a print/copy/scan device.

The joyful presentation prepared by the children of Tratinčica was joined by favourite Lino and „st. Nicolas“ who made sure that their boots be filled with Podravka's sweet products.

The ceremony was also accompanied by six pupils from Koprivnica, scholarship winners to Algebra's digital academy. Namely, Podravka joined as a partner to the Digital Academy program, Algebra's program of digital education for pupils, which as of this year has been present in 18 Croatian cities. As part of this project, Podravka provides scholarships to one child from every city, in order for as many children as possible to get an opportunity that in a creative and fun way to step forward into a digital world and gain important knowledges as an upgrade to their regular education. As part of the support to digital education of children, during the spring break Podravka will also organize „Little school of IT“ for interested children of Podravka employees.

„Regardless of the work we do, today it is unimaginable to be successful and competitive without IT knowledge and tracking of new technologies. Gaining these skills from the earliest age, as part of the education and preparation of the young for the global labour market is important from the early age. As a responsible member of the community, Podravka starts and supports various projects and initiatives, in order for as many children as possible in kinder gardens and schools to conditions for technical and IT education“ – Marin Pucar, Podravka Management Board said.