Ministry of the homeland defenders and Podravka sign a treaty on purchase of agricultural products from co-ops of homeland defenders

Podravka will also be providing expert help in agricultural production through education, production materials and production supervision

Tomo Medved, Minister at the Ministry of Croatian Homeland Defenders and Marin Pucar, Podravka d.d. Management Board president signed a Treaty on cooperation between the Ministry of Croatian Homeland defenders and Podravka, on potential purchase of products produced by co-operatives of Croatian homeland defenders for Podravka's processing purposes for the period of 2018 to 2020.

Apart from the business cooperation with co-ops of Croatian homeland defenders, Podravka will also be providing expert help in agricultural production, from the beginning of the vegetation period till harvest, which includes education, production material and supervision of production and product quality.

Tomo Medved, minister of Croatian homeland defenders emphasized that the Ministry will be providing support to the cooperatives of homeland defenders on mutual connecting and networking in order to have joint appearance as potential cooperative partners of Podravka and thanked Podravka for, as the leading domestic food processing company, recognized them as potential partners and shown them its support in this manner. „Signing today's Treaty is also an opportunity to familiarize the public with one of the best ways to hire and socially include the homeland defenders, where cooperatives have proved to be a successful model of development, economic and entrepreneurial potentials of homeland defenders, which brings to their empowerment, because the cooperatives find an opportunity for a new start, contributing to the sustainability of the rural areas and development of our country“.

 „Further cooperation with Croatian cooperatives and partnership with the Ministry of homeland defenders is another step forward towards the increase of the share of domestic raw materials in Podravka's products, which is one of Podravka's strategic goals in the future period“ – Marin Pucar, Podravka Management Board president said.