the best web site at Communication Days festival

Podravka's web site was produced in cooperation with digital agency Web.Burza, and received MIXX award in "Website" category

At this year's Communication days, national festival of market communications, Podravka's web site took the first place, winning the MIXX award in the „Website“ category. It originated in cooperation with digital agency Web.Burza

Innovation is in the foundation of this online platform, consisting of three thematically different web sites and talking to various target groups:  Lino Baby as an educational destination for parents aging from 0-3 years of age, Lino Kids - gaming platform for somewhat older children and their parents and Čokolinologija – audio-visual ode to Čokolino.

Lino web site originated as a result of deep consideration of the behaviour of our users, their desires and interests, and innovative technologies used in its creation and further development enable the creation of unforgettable Lino experience. This reward confirms that innovativeness is our strong competitive advantage, as in the development of new products and business models, thus in advancement of communication platforms“, Marinka Akrap, Corporate and marketing communication director said.

Use of advanced technologies, maintaining Lino spirit

Smart filters at product catalogue make find the desire d product easier; dynamic and visually attractive home page enables faster navigation through thematic units and participation in activities on Lino web site enables registered users to receive awards and better ranking on top lists.

Web site's quality was recognized by numerous users. 546,000 have been active on Lino web sites, which is 178% increase comparing to the period before web was launched. Number of mobile users was increased by 280%, while Lino Kids games and quizzes have been played 350,000 times. 

The site was in Responsive Web Design technology, enabling complete content adjust adjustment to the device used to view the site, regardless of whether it is a smartphone or computer monitor.

Other two Podravka projects entered MIXX finals:– Podravka Facebook in „Best Social“ category and Kvikifunpedia in „Best Branded Content“ category.