Israeli-Croatian inter-parliamentary friendship group visited Podravka

With its strong brands Podravka has been invited to the market of Israel

High embassy of the Israeli-Croatian inter-parliamentary friendship group headed by Issawi Frej, vice-president of Knesset and His Excellence Zin Kalay Kleitman, ambassador of Israel in the Republic of Croatia, visited Podravka today. The central topic of business discussions of representatives of Podravka and Israelian embassy was strengthening of economic cooperation and potentials for Podravka's stronger presence at Israelian market.

Israeli guests were joined by Milijan Brkić, vice-president of Croatian Parliament, Marija Vučković, state secretary at the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture, Damir Felak, parliamentarian at Croatian parliament, Vlasta Mijić, head at the office of the Croatian Parliament vice-president and Stjepan Vukas, secretary of Israeli-Croatian inter-parliamentary friendship group.

During the official part of the visit, Marin Pucar, Podravka Management Board president and his associates, presented Podravka's business, focusing on international markets and the range of food and pharmaceutical products that Podravka is willing to offer to its consumers on Israeli market. During the visit, guests from Israel visited Vegeta and Soups factory, where they were introduced to the production process of Podravka's renowned brands.

Representatives of Podravka and Israel agreed that there are many areas for strengthening and developing the cooperation, Podravka's partnership with Israelian manufacturers and Podravka's more powerful breakthrough with its product range to the Israelian market.

Today Podravka is present with its products on more than 60 foreign markets, which confirms that with its product range it can respond to eating habits and specific traits of every market. Also, the majority of Podravka product range is produced according to Kosher certificate, which represents added value and quality. Israeli guests announced a new visit to Croatia and Podravka, with the idea of a more powerful bonding, exchange of experience and strengthening of economic cooperation.