For Podravka 18 Superior Taste Awards – the most distinguished world award in food segment

All the products applied for evaluation were rewarded, which is Podravka's biggest success since participating on this prestigious competition

This year again Podravka marked a great success on international quality evaluation and received 18 Superior Taste Awards, the most distinguished world award in food segment. All the products applied for evaluation were also rewarded, which is Podravka's greatest success since participating on this competition and confirmation of excellence in the categories in which they have competed. Apart from that, as much as 5 Podravka's products received maximum grade, 3 STA stars, which is the most since Podravka has been applying to this international evaluation of quality.

For the second time, 3 STA stars were awarded to Podravka nettle cream soup, Podravka Urosal bearberry tea and Žito century bread with chia seeds, and maximum evaluation was received by Podravka cream of broccoli and cauliflower soup and Vegeta smoked paprika.

Superior Taste Award was given this year also to Vegeta Grill classic, Vegeta for meat, Podravka hot chutney, Podravka mild chutney, Podravka plum jam, Podravka vegetable stock, Lino lada coconut, Dolcela pumpkin cream, Dolcela coconut pudding, Žito buckwheat bread with walnuts, 1001 CVET hot ginger tea and 1001 CVET bio tea for babies.

As determined by the expert jury at the International Taste and Quality Institute, Superior Taste Award, as a confirmation of quality of Podravka's products, was awarded at the ceremony which was held on June 14th in Brussels. Products are evaluated by the jury composed of renowned European chefs and sommeliers from culinary institutions, in blind test, attributing the taste, aroma, texture and product appearance.

„We are proud that the Superior Taste Award Institute rewarded the quality and excellence of taste of all our products which were applied to this prestigious competition. This is a great success for Podravka in an extremely strong competition of international brands. Inovativeness and recognizing the needs of the market and consumers, are the foundation on which we develop new products and tastes, and these rewards only confirm our success in this. Also, they are an incentive for further development of new products and tastes which will satisfy our consumers on markets around the world“ Ivana Kozbur, from Culinary development department at Podravka said at this year's awarding ceremony in Brussels.

Podravka has been participating at the Superior Taste Award competition since 2008, and has been winning more and more awards for quality, taste and design of its products, year after year. In the period from 2008 to 2017, Podravka's products have been awarded with 91 Superior Taste Award.