First 30 workers from the area of NorthWestern Croatia headed to Mirna Rovinj

Podravka received more than 300 job applications from entire Croatia for working at Mirna Rovinj

Having launched a public campaign in order to find 120 workers needed at Mirna factory in Rovinj, in several days Podravka received more than 300 applications from interested candidates from entire Croatia. This confirms that people from Croatia are willing to accept a good opportunity for employment even outside their residence.  

First 30 workers are headed to Rovinj from the area of Koprivnica, Križevci, Varaždin and Zagreb. Among them are many with seasonal experience of working at the coast, so moving to Rovinj will not be new to them.

„I need a job, and I am used to being a field worker, i.e. working at the coast during the season, so the seaside is my destiny. I worked at a fish restaurant, so I am familiar with working with fish“, Jasminka Mehkek from Novigrad Podravski said.

Among new employees of Mirna Rovinj is also the young Marin Muktić, 19-year old from Sirova Katalena, who graduated from secondary school in construction and is currently without a job. His mother Marina is also looking forward to his new job at Rovinj, who said: „There is no work here, he should pursue his own life. Perhaps he finds some Istrian girl, so we all have a place to go to the seaside. “

From early this year Podravka is constantly searching for labour at Mirna factory in Rovinj, where during 2017 it invested about HRK 50 million in a new production line for processing and production of sardines mackerel and tuna. In order to be able to respond to demands and market needs, Podravka requires about 120 process workers on production lines of tuna and mackerel.

Workers are offered an average pay in food industry, possibility of stimulating rewards for achieving top-notch results during shifts, all the rights from Collective agreement, such as the right to Easter and Christmas bonus, gift for children at Christmas and similar, as well as stimulations for working in the 2nd shift. Apart from regular salary, it also ensures various other benefits, such as accommodation and meal.

Very soon the rest of the workers will be heading towards Rovinj, while for all those interested in working at Mirna Rovinj the public call is still open.