All-rounder finals held in Koprivnica

At the 10th final of Lino All-rounder Lino startas running shoes promoted

For the 10th time in a row the best all-rounders from 24 schools from all Croatian counties weighed their sport talents at the finals of Lino All-rounder. At the great finish of the project in which more than 24,500 pupils participated in the school year 2015/16, they were joined by pupils from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and all together they were telling one of the most wonderful sport tales in this region. Sport hall in Koprivnica was on Saturday, 21 May, for the full two hours a true hatch of cheering, because no kid spared their throat nor palms. Every point won was celebrated in noise, and the best singers and dancers from 36 schools were also welcomed. 900 pupils from elementary school Braća Radić which was the host, and almost 700 pupils from 14 cities from two states joined their forces in cheering. Positive atmosphere and the force of children’s joy won event the famous sportsmen who have come to support the children. Damir Martin, Luka Stepančić, Sandro Obranović, Ana Nikšić  Ekatarina Nemaškalo, Adrian Šemper,  Božica Palčić, Irina Maljko and Tatjana Jukić themselves became playful children.

- The finals in Koprivnica is the crown of the joint project by Podravka and Sportske novosti, which has in the ten years of being held affirmed itself as a unique festival of children's joy, optimism and winning spirit. Over the ten years more than 220,000 children participated in the project. Lino's message is „be what you want to be“ and in order to do that you have to believe in yourself, you have to be prepared to spend each day of your free time actively and to soak the knowledge surrounding you. Lino will help children in that process, and All-rounder will motivate them to participate in a competition – because life is one big competition – Podravka Management Board president Zvonimir Mršić said.

Jubilean All-rounder was an ideal opportunity to present Lino startas running shoes, a joint project of Podravka and Borovo. The first Lino startas will be given as a gift to all the competitors in the finals, and all other fans of these popular sneakers can soon find them in sales.

This year’s winners of Lino All-rounder are Filipe do Santos from Dugo Selo and Anja Okreša from Sv. Juraj na Bregu, and Igor Šutalo from Čapljina and Lana Memišević from Travnik.

This unique combination of sport and entertainment were joined by Ivana Vrdoljak Vanna who also played handball once in her home-town Koprivnica and by the winner of the second season RTL’s show Little stars - Dino Miklaužić.