S.O.S. cookbook – May the summer last longer with Podravka

S.O.S. cookbookCampaign for Podravka ready made meals is running in the period from 15 June to 15 August 2010, with the title "S.O.S. cookbook - May the summer last longer with Podravka" in the markets of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The campaign consists of 5 different radio jingles and 5 different advertisements in daily print (24 sata) and various contents at www.coolinarika.com, with appealing prices awaiting consumers at the points of sale.

Podravka ready-made meals are awarded with Best Buy Award 2010/2011The campaign is conceived as an S.O.S. cookbook - Podravka ready-made meals enable you to take better use of your free time. During summer time do not worry what, when, how and how long will you cook, find Podravka ready-made meals at points of sale at SUPER SUMMER PRICES and the lunch will be ready in a second. You just need to enjoy your summer vacation.