Responding to inquiry by the Zagreb Stock Exchange - notice

Regarding the inquiry we received today from the Zagreb Stock exchange on statements from the article published on web site entitled “Šef Podravke se nudi: Želimo spasiti Agrokor!” (Podravka's head offering: We want to save Agrokor!" stating that "Podravka Management Board president emphasized tonight that Podravka is prepared to save Agrokor.” , we emphasize that – participating as a guest in the TV show "Otvoreno" on Croatian national televison – president of the Management Board of Podravka Inc., answering the host's questions replied as follows:

Podravka is Agrokor's strategic partner, for the entire region through Konzum and Mercator, and we provide our full support to Konzum and Mercator – for the reasons that business strategies of Konzum and Mercator are complementary with Podravka's strategy regarding the wide product range.

It is Podravka's interest that Konzum and Mercator preserve their market position, because in this way Podravka's brands will keep its market positions, not only in Croatia, but in the entire region.

When asked by the host if Podravka is interested in purchasing should it come to selling some parts of Agrokor, Pucar repeated that he said that at this moment he thinks that the most important thing is that Agrokor preserves its stability, that Konzum and Mercator be Podravka's partners which will continuously complete its obligations, not only towards Podravka, but also towards all suppliers, and that at this moment it is important to preserve market positions of Konzum and Mercator is strategically important – not only for Podravka, but also for the entire food and processing industry in Croatia.

So, the title under which the article is published stating “ Podravka's head offering: We want to save Agrokor”, as well as the text in the article alluding that president of the "Podravka's Management Board emphasized tonight that Podravka is ready to save Agrokor“ does not correspond to what was said -  and does not reflect the true sense of Mr. Pucar's reply to host's questions.

Like until now, we will provide timely and accurately information on all price sensitive information to the investment public – compliant to effective regulations and good business practice.