A contract signed between Koestlin and Podravka

Podravka becomes exclusive distributor of the Koestlin range of products

In Koprivnica today a contract was signed between Koestlin d.d. and Poni d.o.o., making Podravka the exclusive distributor in Croatia of the whole range of Koestlin biscuits and waffles. The contract was signed by Mr. Silvio Galić, President of the Koestlin Management Board, and Mr. Mladenko Frleta, Manager of the Poni d.o.o.

According to this contract, Koestlin’s range of biscuits and waffles will be distributed through Podravka’s distribution network. For Podravka, this distribution agreement is crucial to allow it to complement its range of products to include biscuits, tea biscuits and waffles in order to expand its offer to customers and final consumers. Miroslav Vitković, Podravka Sales Manager for Croatia, said: “By including Koestlin’s range of products in the distribution of Podravka we are extending the range of food products we provide for our clients. Koestlin produces top-quality products and I am convinced that this co-operation will be beneficial for both our companies.”

Silvio Galić, President of the Management Board of Koestlin, stressed the following: “By signing a contract with Podravka, Koestlin has found a strategic partner that will provide a first-class and efficient distribution of our product range. We are glad that Podravka has recognised the high quality of Koestlin products. We are confident that a growth in sales and the even greater satisfaction of our customers will confirm the quality of our products and of Podravka’s distribution network.”

Koestlin from Bjelovar, the leading producer of flour confectionery products in the Republic of Croatia, was founded in 1905, which makes it the oldest Croatian producer of biscuits, tea biscuits and waffles, which are still today the focus of Koestlin’s business activity. Koestlin’s range includes some sixty products in about one hundred different forms of packaging. Besides its focus and unquestioned quality, Koestlin is also extremely flexible in adapting to the demands of the market. The most popular of Koeslin branded products are PIKNIK in the biscuits group, PARIS is the tea biscuits and sandwich biscuit group, and KARAT in the cocoa-coated group of biscuits. Koestlin has also been the winner of many quality awards, especially for its leading products, KARAT and CAPPUCCINO which have won gold medals for consistent quality standards, and SPECULAAS, the first product from the flour-confectionery range in Croatia to win the Champion of Quality Medal.

Podravka is one of the largest Central-European food processing companies whose products are sold on all the continents of the world. Vegeta, the best known Podravka brand, is sold in some forty countries worldwide, and its name has become synonymous with food seasoning. In addition, Podravka’s wide range of products includes Podravka soups, Fini-Mini instant soups, partly-cooked dishes based on rice and pasta bearing the brand name Talianetta, Lino children’s food, Dolcela desserts, a range of drinks that includes Studenac carbonated mineral water, Studena natural spring water, and the Deit soft-drink range, meat and processed meat, flour and bakery products, and a variety of other goods. Podravka also has an exceptionally developed distribution network that extends from the Adriatic to the North Sea, and is therefore an interesting partner for famous companies throughout the world such as Barilla from Italy and Ajinomoto from Japan.