Slavko Vidović

Business Model Innovation in Focus of Digital Enterprise Transformation

There are three major types of innovation: innovation of products/services, business PROCESS innovation and business MODEL innovation. We see the last one as strong lever for the Enterprise Digital Transformation.

After presenting Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI) earlier this year, InfoDom Group also published several white papers and studies, especially on Enterprise Digital Transformation. DTI was supported and joined by several Croatian and regional public institutions, high education and scientific organizations, but also business entities.

Few most important topics are:

  •          How to reposition our enterprise on the market/industry, through innovation cycles?
  •          Innovation constitution and IRD (Innovation, Research and Development) focus on values for our customers,
  •          Digital technologies and EA (Enterprise Architecture),
  •          Cloud Services and Business Agility for Innovation Support
  •          WEF (World Economic Forum) and EU recommendations.


Prof. Slavko Vidović, Phd. InfoDom Group, director - presenter
Goran Marković, InfoDom, Business Development Director

Prof. Vidović is one of the most prominent spokesman of 5-Helix model in Digital Transformation, agitating strong and active collaboration and synchronization of public sector, university, business, media and civil society activities.

ILBA is Lifelong Learning Academy, member of InfoDom Group, focused on educational content development and social network/community management.