Goran Radman

Panelist on a topic: Doing business across cultures

Goran Radman is the Vice Dean for International Cooperation and Head of IgBS e-Leadership MBA Program at Algebra University College.

He has started off his professional career in 1984 as an International Relations Advisor to the President of Croatia and continued as General Manager of Croatian Television (1987). In 1992 he has moved on to private sector to manage MicroLAB, a computer engineering and consultancy company. He has joined Microsoft Corporation in 1996 to start up Microsoft Croatia and has expanded his responsibilities in 2000 as a General Manager of the Adriatic and later on South Eastern European region. He was appointed Microsoft Chairman SEE in 2004 and Chairman ECEE in 2007. He has left Microsoft in late 2008 to became Chairman of SenseConsulting and Dean of the VERN’ University of Applied Sciences. Most recently, from 2012 to 2016, he has served as the Director General of Croatian Radiotelevision.

In his consultancy and academic career Goran relies on his broad business experience and competencies that span across the areas of public and private business management, ICT, international relations and media. He is capable of providing conceptual and experiential insights on subjects like competitiveness, leadership, innovation, media and politics.