Podravka employees receive vacation allowance and 1000 kuna bonus

The Podravka Management Board has passed a decision on the payout of a one-time bonus for employees in the net amount of 1000 kuna, as a sign of gratitude for their contribution to achieving the company results, and their exceptional engagement during the COVID-19 epidemic

Therefore, the Podravka employees will receive this bonus in addition to an increased vacation allowance, to a maximum non-taxable net amount of 3,000 kuna.

“Thanks to the excellent work of our employees, we have succeeded in ensuring a timely and successful response to the challenges in this past period. We concluded the first quarter with a strong growth of revenues and profitability, and succeeded in retaining a positive result in the second quarter, despite the negative impacts of COVID-19 on our operations. Our employees are most responsible for this success, and these rewards are a sign of gratitude and additional encouragement for the coming period,” stated Marin Pucar, Chairman of the Podravka Management Board.

Podravka continually rewards its employees for their contribution to the company’s growth and development, and for their high work productivity. In March of this year, the employees in the production logistics units and associated services were rewarded with a net amount of 1,000 kuna for their work in three shifts to meet the increased market demands for Podravka products. Last year, more than 11,000 kuna in net amount was paid out to employees in the form of various bonuses, above their regular salary.