Vegeta in Australia has positioned itself as the market leader in the segment of food seasonings. Traditional Australian cuisine is based on English recipes that the settlers in the 19th century brought with them. Today's cuisine is an eclectic coombination of European ways of cooking and oriental ingredients.


Podravka International Pty. Ltd.

88 Carnarvon Street 
Silverwater 2128 NSW

tel: +61 2 9648 3000

Ivan P. Hudaly, Director
Nataša Stanič Mitsios, Marketing Director

Head Office

Podravka d.d.
Ante Starčevića 32
48000 Koprivnica

Head office contact person:
Dalibor Toth, Head of the market
tel: +385 48 651 556

Podravka's branch office "Podravka International" was founded in Australia in 1994.

The best-selling Podravka products in the Australian market are Vegeta Gourmet, Vegeta Chicken, Vegeta Delight, Podravka Beef Goulash, Chicken Spread, meat spreads, Classic Chicken Soup, Podravka soups, Fant food seasonings, Čokolino (chocolate and hazelnut), Lino spreads, Plum Poxidl and rosehip jam. 

What our loyal customers in Australia especially like about Podravka's productsis the taste of tradition, which in combination with the most modern methods of creative and technological achievements, sets standards and creates the latest market trends. Therefore, it is not surprising that one of the most popular Podravka's products - Vegeta brand is a leader in the segment of food seasoning even on the Australian market.

Typical dishes

Damper - a traditional Australian unleavened bread, baked on camp fire or in the cast-iron oven.

Balmain Bugs - flat white-meat crustaceans of mild taste, similar to lobster, usually grilled.

Billy Tea - tea prepared in a metal can (billy), on an open fire.

Chiko Roll - English-style spring roll.

Meat Pies - small pies filled with meat, usually served with tomato sauce.

Lamingtons - cake base cubes topped with chocolate and rolled into coconut flour (a version of our "cupavci"), served with whipped cream and tea. The rumor has it that these cakes dating from the end of the 19th century were invented from the need to use the dried cake base. They were named after Lady Lamington, the wife of the then Queensland Governor.

Pavlova - a sweet delicacy made from the mixture of egg whites and sugar decorated with whipped sweet cream and fresh fruit. The recipe was supposedly created in the honor of the visit of the famous ballerina Anna Pavlova.

Vegemite - a black, thick spread made of yeast and vegetables, mainly eaten on toast. It is said that the Australians who live outside the country cannot be not happy unless they have a supply of Vegemite!

Anzac Biscuits - crispy biscuits made from oats, coconut flour, sugar, flour, butter, soda, water and sugar syrup. During the 1st World War these biscuits were packed into cans and sent to soldiers.

Soldier's Cake - a boiled fruit cake.

Fast Facts

  • Full name: Commonwealth of Australia
  • Area: 7 682 300 km2
  • Population: 24 255 300 (90% of European origin, 8% of Asian origin, 2% other)
  • Capital: Canberra
  • Religion: Roman Catholic 29%, Anglican 22%, Protestants 14%, Other Christian 15%, Nonreligious 14%, Other 6%. Australia has no official religion.

Travel tips

  • you need a visa to travel to Australia
  • protect yourselves with creams with high protection factors in all seasons of the year
  • wear sun glasses and hats
  • in case of emergency call 000 (universal number for ambulance, fire department and police)