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"Always with a heart" Foundation

"Always with a heart" Foundation

Podravka's Foundation "Always with a heart" has been established with the purpose of improving economic and material situation of Croatian Homeland War defenders, who are employed at Podravka, and the members of their families, by promoting the social security in situations when the Law on rights of the Croatian homeland defenders and the members of their families does not apply, and neither do other regulations.

"Always with a heart" Foundation is a corporate foundation. Corporate foundations are such foundations that are established, donated and run by one company or corporation. Establishing this Foundation Podravka decided to provide for their population of homeland defenders.

"Prof. Zlata Bartl" Foundation

In 2001 Podravka established "prof. Zlata Bartl" Foundation. The essential idea of the Foundation is to promote creative and innovative work of students.

Zlata Bartl

The funds from this Foundation are used to finance scholarships and supports to regular undergraduate and postgraduate students, the citizens of the Republic of Croatia.
The activities of the Foundation have been aimed at discovering young talented people and investing in their skills and knowledge. The basic goal is a consistent search for new ideas and visions.

Through this Foundation Podravka continuously invests into young Croatian scientists and researchers, contributing to the development of the society and community.

Zlata Bartl, after whom the Foundation was named, is responsible for the creation of Podravka's renowned product, all-purpose food seasoning – Vegeta. Vegeta is today Podravka's most popular and most selling brand. It was created in Podravka's research laboratory in far 1957 as a result of innovation, daring and excellence in scientific and research work. Those are the virtues we expect from scholarship holders of this Foundation as well.

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