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General Assembly, notice

14 Jul 2011 Koprivnica

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Notice - pursuant to the Article 459 of the Capital Market Law - General Assembly of PODRAVKA d.d.

Logotip - Podravka

Notice - pursuant to the Article 459 of the Capital Market Law - General Assembly of PODRAVKA d.d.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Pursuant to the Capital Market Law and the Rules of the Zagreb Stock Exchange, we hereby inform you that the General Assembly of PODRAVKA d.d. was convened on 14 July 2011 (Thursday) in Koprivnica, at 12.00 a.m. with the following Agenda:

  1. Opening of the General Assembly, determination of present and represented shareholders and their proxies;
  2. Report by the Supervisory Board on performed supervision of business operations of PODRAVKA d.d. in 2010, Annual financial reports for PODRAVKA d.d. and Annual consolidated financial reports for Podravka Group for the business year 2010 together with authorized auditor's report and opinion and the Annual Report by PODRAVKA d.d. Management Board on business operations of the Podravka Group and the state of the Company in 2010;
  3. Passing a resolution on distribution of profit for the business year 2010;
  4. Discharge of PODRAVKA d.d. Management Board members;
  5. Discharge of PODRAVKA d.d. Supervisory Board members;
  6. Passing a resolution on amendments of PODRAVKA d.d. Articles of Association;
  7. Passing a resolution on appointing auditors of PODRAVKA d.d. for the business year 2011 and determination of their fee.

All resolutions of the General Assembly of PODRAVKA d.d. were passed in a form and in contents as was previously  delivered and published in the "Official Gazette", on The Zagreb Stock Exchange, HANFA,  HINA, and PODRAVKA d.d. web site.



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