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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How was Podravka founded?

In 1934 the Koprivnica entrepreneurs, the brothers Marija i Matija Wolf, founded the workhop for food processing which, in 1947 turns into public  ownership and gets the name Podravka which it has today.

Does Podravka take care of the environment during production?

Environment protection is one of Podravka's priorities and it is applied on the principles of sustainable development and cleaner production. All of the activities have to be in compliance with current national regulations observing environment protection as well as regulations of the countries where the company operates. In case own legal provisions do not exist, international standards apply. Specific actions conducted are based on the Environment Protection Action Plan subject to continued improvement.

Podravka is obliged to a rational use of energy and raw material resources, waste management as well as constant prevention of negative effects on the environment, production, products and services.

The Group operates according to the principles of the Environment Protection Policy in its own community. Podravka is committed to provide the public with all information regarding environment protection and to educate and motivate employees for its continued improvement.

Environment protection as such presents an overall solution for Podravka:

  • Waste water treatment
  • Waste management in the widest sense
  • Disposal of hazardous material
  • Air emissions
  • Keeping pollutant records
  • Managing raw materials finished products and packaging which for any reason do not comply
  • Cooperation in the selection of "clean technologies" and being consistent with environmental standards during the phase of plant design and reconstruction
  • Drainage and repair of sewage systems
  • Lab control – authorised laboratories.
What are the key areas on which Podravka strategy is based?

The key areas on which Podravka strategy is based are: consumer relations, product brand management, quality, employee loyalty, development of employees and the community, sales progress, research and development and permanent cost control. Our company has over the years successfully developed a positive image among its shareholders outlining values such as consumer satisfaction and employee loyalty. Podravka is a company that strives towards excellence and as such pays special attention to ensure product quality and provide permanent care for the environment.

The environment within which we operate is becoming more competent and dynamic, and changes on the macroeconomic field have significant impact on all companies. Podravka shall continue to act responsibly and enhance its credibility towards shareholders with continued communication, supervision of key areas and their adaptation to new situations emerging on the market.

How was Vegeta made?

Vegeta, a universal food seasoning, was made in 1958 and it was created by missis Zlata Bartl , then  Podravka's employee. Today, Vegeta is selling in more than 40 countries.

What are Podravka products like?

Podravka products are high quality, convenient and safe. Taking advantage of both the global and local tastes they have been tailored to national cuisines, nurturing specific features of local tastes.

Podravka products result from selected high quality raw material, knowledge and modern technological processes in favour of preserving all food nutrients.

The products are distinguished by their quick and easy preparation making our need for food easier to satisfy, which leaves consumers with more time for themselves and their families.

Podravka’s brands are: Vegeta, Podravka soups, Lino, Fant, Eva, Dolcela, Fini-Mini, Talianeta, Kviki, Studena, Studenac and many others.

All products are labelled in compliance with labelling regulations in force in the Republic of Croatia, the European Union and countries where our company operates. True, complete, clear and unambiguous information about products are printed on the packaging. The labelling of ingredients that cause allergies or intolerance among particular consumer groups has been carefully approached.

Only a high quality and proper diet can satisfy the body’s needs for energy and necessary quantities of nutrients and health protectors. This is the underlying aspect Podravka always has in mind!

What are the principles that Podravka runs business on?

At Podravka we run business according to the principle of sustainable development. Podravka has been continuously increasing its value through its products and services. While doing that, we use less resources and produce less waste, and we especially take care about environment and the society and environment development and also take into consideration their needs and support them through our actions. Podravka also takes pride in being involved in life processes of their employees and the entire community respectively.

What kind of employees is Podravka looking for and what does it offer?

WE ARE LOOKING FOR - The persons who are willing and enthusiastic, open to learn and develop in their professional development, highly educated, who know foreign languages and have basic computer skills.  It is also desirable to have measurable results in their work. We are looking for creative, dynamic and communicative persons. Join our team!

WE ARE OFFERING - Business challenges, dynamic working area and an opportunity for a professional and personal growth and development. Podravka provides for their employees a possibiltiy to achieve all of their individual and team potentials.

Podravka is offering extra possibilities to those who are determined and willing to develop their professional skills. A great number of employees is  involved every year in education and training programmes. A great part also consists of internal education programmes.

Podravka is financing undergraduate and postgraduate studies of their employees, special workshops, courses and internal educational courses, etc.

Podravka has developed a special internship programme for you.

Does Podravka take part in donations and sponsorshup projects of individuals and organizations?

Podravka has proven as a desirable social partner wherever it runs business, and it takes care of the social community. Podravka wants to cotribute through its activities to the develoment of the entire community it works in and, thus, every year it puts aside the money for sponosrships and donations in order to help these subjects and associations operate. The funds are being increased every year for the sponsorships and donations respectively. We want to be as good as it gets to the community as a partner and the entire society and to help them in all aspects of social activities.

How does Podravka invest money in the employees' education?

Podravka has decided to found its own management academy -POMAK - with the aim to develop a long-term competitiveness and a sociallly responsible engagement. So far, 46 Podravka employees have finished this Academy. It has also established a cooperation with the Leed Metropolitan University which organized the programme Professional Diploma in Retailing Management, and the first generation has successfully finished it. Podravka has also founded the  "prof. Zlata Bartl"  Foundation which gives  irretrievable support to students and provides other kinds of investment.

Do Podravka business processes have certificates?

With the aim of maintaining successful business, not only on the market of the European market but wider, Podravka has introduced a quality management system complying to the demands of the ISO 9001:2000 standards for business processes. Det Norske Veritas, a reputable certification house, has certified our system that is in regular function and under continued internal and external surveillance. The first certificate was received for the development, production, sales and distribution of products under the brand Vegeta in 2001. The system later expanded to other brands and was gradually certified. Podravka’s entities in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic have been separately certified. The food safety management system, based on the HACCP (Codex Alimentarius) principles, has also been developed and implemented at Podravka. Both systems undergo regular upgrading, innovation and modernisation, or to summarise - permanent improvement.


What are Podravka's strategic markets?

Podravka's strategic markets are, beside Croatia, countries of Southeast, middle and East Europe. Podravka has a clear strategy on the markets of middle, East and southeast Europe which is realization of the leading position with the above-average growth rates. The big proportion of sales on the international markets in the entire sales results (45%) shows the importance that these markets have on the overall business managing of the Podravka Group.

What are the strategic and concrete short-term and long-term goals of Podravka?

Podravka wants to be the leading food company with headquarters in the region of Southeast, Central and East Europe in terms of consumer relations, knowledge and revenue and also the leading pharmaceutical company that accomplishes more with its recognizable partnership approach. It is Podravka’s intention to be distinctive from other companies in terms of the capacity to understand consumer needs, product brands and high quality of products and business processes, building corporate culture and motivated and satisfied employees all in compliance with the company’s key values. The company goal is to satisfy interests of the owner and all interested parties, but also to contribute to the development of the overall community in general. Podravka continues its involvement in other activities oriented towards accomplishing strategic goals – developing new products, innovating the range of products with added value, effective marketing investments, further investment in employee development and similar.

Where are all Podravka's branch offices and companies situated?

Podravka has connected associations and branch offices in 20 countries throughout the world: Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, the Ukraine, Romania, Latvia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Russia, Australia, USA, Turkey and Sweden. The production plants are placed in three different countries: Croatia, the Czech Republic and Poland.

What is The organization structure of Podravka like?

The Organizationa structure of Podravka is based on the three following  strategic business areas: food and beverages, services and phamaceuticals.

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