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Podravka is one of the biggest food companies in this part of Europe. There is almost no family in Croatia that does not use Vegeta, a child who does not eat Čokolino, and this all results from the efforts of hard working Podravka employees in all the regional branch offices. They take care about the distribution and sales of a wide variety of Podravka products throughout Croatia: in the northwest part, Slavonia, Zagreb as well as in northern parts of the Adriatic Sea, Istria and Dalmatia.

Eva, treasury of healthy and tasty fish products offers a rich assortiment of canned fish and fish salads: Sardines in olive oil, Sardines in vegetable oil, Sardines in vegetable oil with lemon, Sardines piquant, Sardines with vegetables in sauce and Sardines in tomato sauce; Tuna fillets in olive oil, Tuna pieces in olive oil, Tuna pieces in vegetable oil, Tuna fillets in vegetable oil, Tuna small pieces in vegetable oil - Adria i Siam International and Tuna with vegetables in sauce; Mackerel fillets in vegetable oil (115g),  Mackerel fillets with vegetable in sauce;  Salmon fillets in vegetable oil. Fish salads: Tuna salad Mexicana, Tuna salad Mediterana, Tuna salad Dalmatina and Tuna salad Americana. 


New Vegeta Twist products

Besides the present range of Vegeta Twist products, Podravka is introducing two new products to the Croatian market: Vegeta Twist in shakers. Vegeta Twist – Potatoes, and Vegeta Twist – Salad, which have up to now been available only in... More

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Podravka d.d.
Ante Starčevića 32
48000 Koprivnica
tel.: +385 48 6510
fax.: +385 48 622 008

Podravka d.d.
Andrije Hebranga 32
10000 Zagreb
tel.: +385 1 4891 900
fax.: +385 1 4891 959

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