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Bosnia and Herzegovina

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"Podravka d.o.o" Sarajevo in BiH was registered in December 1992, and its operations started in March 1993.  

"Podravka d.o.o. BiH" is today among Podravka's companies with the highest number of employees who take great credits for successful sales of a wide range of Podravka products in their market.    
Among the most wanted Podravka products in BiH there are: Vegeta, Chicken soup with noodles, Lino Čokolino, Lino crunch, Lino lada, Dolcela puddings, whipped creams, Kviki gric and pretzels, Tomato concentrate in a tube, Tomato juice, Ketchup mild, Ajvar mild, Lero Cranberry ice tea, Chicken pate 135 g, Beef goulash, Beef hash, Studena cranberry ice tea, and so on.  
Eva, healthy treasury of fish products, is represented by an exhaustive range of canned fish, salads and fish spreads: Sardines in olive oil, Sardines in vegetable oil, Sardines in vegetable oil with lemon, Sardines piquant, Sardines with vegetable in sauce and Sardine in tomato sauce; Tuna fillets in olive oil, Tuna solid in olive oil, Tuna solid in vegetable oil, Tuna fillets in vegetable oil, Tuna pieces in vegetable oil, Tuna with vegetables in sauce; Mackerel fillets in vegetable oil, Mackerel with vegetables in sauce and fish salads and Eva tuna spread.

In the market of BiH you can also find SMS brand with olive oil and olives program, and a wide range of side dishes under Podravka brand: rice, pastry and potato products.


Management Board visited Podravka branch office in Široki Brijeg

Podravka Management Board president Zvonimir Mršić and its member Olivija Jakupec visited Podravka's branch office in B&H in Široki Brijeg. On the occasion, Management Board president talked with the employees to get to know the... More

Podravka's employees at „HR for non-HR“ education

Organized by the Human resources and corporate administration department of Podravka, a first module of education „HR for non-HR" was held.Educational program „HR for non-HR" is intended for Podravka employees not employed at... More

"Čokolino Day" and "Family Day" with Podravka

As a long-year partner of Sarajevo Film Festival, Podravka organized this year as well many activities for children, aiming to prepare unforgettable time for them to enjoy the biggest cultural event in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a long-year... More

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Podravka d.o.o.
Safeta Zajke 269
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina
tel.: +387 33 475 760
fax.: +387 33 475 779


Milan Šarlija

Slobodan Božić
Deputy Director

Branislav Lovrić
Sales Manager

Mila Zovko
Marketing Manager

Subsidiary Široki Brijeg
Podravka d.o.o.
Varaždinska b.b.
88220 Široki Brijeg
Bosnia and Herzegovina
tel.: +387 39 700 900
fax.: +387 39 700 999

Branch Office Banja Luka
Podravka d.o.o.
Ul. Put srpskih branilaca 25-27
78 000 Banja Luka
Bosnia and Herzegovina
tel.: +387 51 389 650
fax.: +387 51 389 652


Predrag Topolovac

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