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Supervisory Board

Dubravko Štimac

Dubravko Štimac was born in 1966 in Novska. He graduated from the Faculty of Economy and Business in Zagreb in 1992. From that same faculty he received his MA in 1997, Organisation and management course. He was an independent sales clerk at... More

Mato Crkvenac

 At session held on February 24th, Podravka d.d. Supervisory Board reached a resolution on appointing prof. Mato Crkvenac MA Dr.SC. as Deputy President of Supervisory Board. Prof. Crkvenac is appointed member to Podravka d.d. Supervisory Board by... More

Ivana Matovina

Education and Professional Qualification    2002    Authorised Croatian auditor1997 – 2000    Authorised accountant of United Kingdom, UK Association of Chartered Certified Accountants1991 – 1996    B. Sc. (Econ), Faculty of Economy and... More

Martinka Marđetko Vuković

Martinka Marđetko Vuković was born in 1961 in Prebukovje, Ivanec municipality. In 1979 she graduated from Koprivnica high school and found employment at Podravka as an administrator. In 1990 she finished afterhour two-year School of Agriculture... More

Ivo Družić

Prof. Ivo Družić MA Dr.Sc. is appointed member to Podravka d.d. Supervisory Board by the Government Asset Management Agency. Prof. Ivo Družić MA Dr.Sc. is appointed member to Podravka d.d. Supervisory Board by the Government Asset Management... More

Dinko Novoselec, CFA

Dinko Novoselec, CFA, is currently the Management Board president of Allianz ZB company for managing the mandatory pension fund.  Mr. Novoselec was born in 1968 in Bjelovar and graduated math at the Faculty of Science. Since 1997 he works at the... More

Petar Vlaić, CFA

Mr. Vlaić was born in 1967 in Ljubljana where he graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. In 1993 he is employed as a teacher of physics in Secondary school of chemistry in Ljubljana. In 1994 he transfers to... More

Petar Miladin

Mr. Miladin was born in 1973 in Dubrovnik. He graduated from high school and the Faculty of Law in Zagreb. Upon finishing his studies he worked as a trainee in the County and Commercial Court in Zagreb. He passed his bar examination in 1999. He... More

Milan Stojanović

Education•    MAWork Experience •    37 years of service, of which 35 as director or manager in economy,•    representative in Croatian National Parliament in two terms since 1990 - 1996,•    two years as professor•    currently... More

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