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Standard flour

Corn flour

This flour is made from finely ground, selected types of germinated corn, of a recognizable milky yellow colour. Its main purpose is for baking corn bread. Besides corn bread, as the main food product, this flour is used for a wide range of... More

Wholemeal flour (TYPE 1100)

Wholemeal flour is obtained from grinding all parts of wheat grain. Rich in valuable vitamins (especially vitamin E and group B vitamins), minerals (Mg, Ca, P and K) and cellulose fibre. Recommended for preparing all sorts of healthy bread and... More

Rye flour (TYPE 1250)

Obtained from grinding clean rye and separating husks of grain.  High nutritive value. Bread and rolls from rye flour remain longer fresh. For the best looseness and finest texture mix rye and wheat flour. Storage: Store in a dry and... More

White flour: smooth (TYPE 550) and rough (TYPE 400)

Another name is "nulerica". Obtained from finely ground wheat, as smooth or rough flour. Contains only the grain kernel so it has less vitamins and minerals, which are removed with the grain husk and germ. This gives it excellent... More

Half-white flour (TYPE 850)

Another name is "cvajerica". It contains vitamins, minerals, protein and cellulose fibre from white flour providing a higher nutritive value. Mainly used for preparing bread and rolls so it is also known as "bread flour". ... More

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