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Lino Schwarzwald cake

In the region of Baden-Württemberg where it is considered to be its origin, it is known as Schwarzwälder cake, for delicate French palates it is known as Gâteau de la Forêt-Noire, and coming from the mouths of the masters of Italian... More

Lino birthday cake

We practically could not imagine a dessert more important than a birthday cake. Not only that we cannot imagine, but there is no one more important. As a birthday approaches, we start to search through the recipes and thinking worriedly... More

Tiramisu dessert

A frozen, sponge cake with tiramisu filling. This light dessert, with a truly exquisite flavour, is packed in convenient ready-to-serve dishes. Let stand at room temperature for one hour or three hours in the refrigerator before serving. More

Podravka Whipped cream

This is a frozen milky dessert. Use it to decorate fruit salads or ice-cream, to enrich the flavour of coffee, or simply serve as a small dessert on its own. Make your sweet moments complete with Podravka Whipped Cream. More

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