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Lino, natural and tasty!

Lino baby food

Lino dehydrated baby food products are cereal flakes with various complements - chocolate, hazelnut, cookies, honey, and fruit. Soluble flakes are rich in minerals and vitamins necessary for children's growth and development; they contain no preservatives, artificial colours or other additives. The quality of Lino baby food is guaranteed by carefully selected raw materials and their strict control before they enter the production process, so the safety and health of every bite is guaranteed.

Baby food as a replacement for one or more milk servings is introduced in baby food diet as of 6th month of age, and among 12 different flavours anyone can find their favourite Lino delicacy. Lino Rižolino and Lino Rižolino fruit are ideal products to start supplemental feeding because they do not contain gluten, and they are additionally enriched with vitamins and minerals. As the baby grows and discovers the world surrounding it, Lino Čokolino, Lino Keksolino, Lino Frutolino and other products become a real treat and source of valuable vitamins and energy necessary for playing and growing up.

Lino baby food assortment offers products already containing milk (prepared by adding water, but, depending on consumer's taste, they can also be prepared with milk) and products that do not contain milk (prepared by adding milk). Preparation of Lino baby food is fast and simple - no cooking! Flakes just need to be poured over with milk or water and your baby and you can enjoy your favourite delicacy.

Lino Lada cream spread

Lino lada is a delicious and healthy cream product, rich in milk, with a unique and recognizable flavour. It is produced from the fines raw materials of exclusively natural origin (the finest roasted hazelnuts and full-fat milk). The secret of Lino Lada's success are its special, carefully chosen, high-quality ingredients, strict quality control and its attractive and practical packaging.

Owing to the high-energy value of its ingredients, Lino Lada is an ideal supplement to children's and athletes' diets. It is also rich in calcium, which is extremely important for the balanced development of children. Lino Lada can be used as a spread, a pancake filling, to accompany ice cream, in the preparation of cakes or gateaux or as a treat on its own. A wide range of flavours and packaging is available to the consumer.

Lino cereal

Best Buy Award 2010/2011 for Lino cereals

As an expert in children and connoisseur of their habits and wishes, Lino tries to enrich children's growing up and in his factory he has come up with new chocolate meals. Crunchy, tasty, delicious, wrapped in cool packaging, just like in children's chocolate dreams. They are Lino cereals, having the taste of real chocolate, and eating them fills the room with crunchy noises, laugher and children's joy.

With Lino cereals your child easily becomes a chef, because to prepare breakfast that you should not be skipping or a snack or a dessert, all it takes is to put the cereals in a plate and pour milk over them. A morning menu a child can pick out for itself among Lino Crunch, Lino Crocs, Lino Crisp or Lino Pillows.

And while your child is enjoying chocolate flavours, you can rest assured knowing that he or she is at the same time taking high-quality and natural ingredients, diet fibres, vitamin C and B vitamins, iron and calcium. Lino cereals provide you with energy necessary to start your day, making growing up better and happier with them.

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