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Coolinarika is turning into a networking platform that connects users of different interests.

Logotip - Coolinarika

For all those who still have not visited Podravka's culinary web site we suggest they do that as soon as possible. With its presence on the Internet scene covers the sphere of fun, educational and creative culinary contents.

Coolinarika is a community of a large number of people, who all share the love of food and cooking, and it is intended for their socializing, exchange of knowledge and ideas. Millions of visitors spend their time on this site, and with its unique approach Coolinarika offers contents and space where anyone who wishes to become its member can record their great culinary moments.

Ever since it first appeared on Croatian web in 2003 and positioned itself as one of the first culinary web destinations in Croatia and the region, Coolinarika is now redesigned for the third time. Always open toward its users, in the new attire becomes a real social network built on Web 2.0. Apart from the contents offered, this also assumes an interactive two-way communication between the users and Coolinarika and users among each other. This way a passive user becomes an active one who also actively creates the content of the web site itself.

Redesigned site always offers loads of new features for new and for old users, and some of them were created taking into considerations the suggestions by the users. 

Recipes are the backbone of Coolinarika, and their upload has been made as simple as possible. Users can now add pictures of individual steps of preparation, more pictures of the same recipe, and at the same time other users who have tried the recipe can upload their own picture. Evaluation of recipes comes down to describing whether the user tried, prepared or would recommend the recipe, which is also an additional quality for other users. Recipes having steps of preparation also have a possibility of a kitchen view, so that they can follow the text and picture of every step.

Recipes can be searched depending on the needs for various life situations: per victuals one has in the kitchen (I have tuna and eggs, but no cheese), groups of meals (appetizers, main course), dishes (I want to make stuffed cabbage rolls, so let's see all the rolls recipes at Coolinarika), ways of preparation (cooking, roasting). Special search features are searching recipes by colour and cool factor Cool factor is a developed algorithm calculating the quality of contents based on various parameters (view count, comments, putting the contents among favourites...), and it enables for the contents that are not too exposed, if they are good enough, to be shown through cool factor. A unique tool - finder per colours gives you solutions for days when you simply have to eat something red. Or brown. The results are thrilling and invite for additional search.

Coolinarika homepage for users contains key information on the weekly subject, novelties in contents, cool chef, and if you are a registered user, the options expand. My Coolinarika is the home page of every registered user.
"Home page"
contains all the activities done by the user's cool friends or he/herself. "My contents" is the collection of all the contents that the user has published (recipes, photos, articles). They can be arranged in categories meaningful to the user or they can be tagged. "Favourite" contains recipes, articles and images the user selected by clicking the green button "Omiljeni" next to every content. "Tags" tab is the collection of all the key words that the users enter for any content and which can be edited or deleted. "Friends" - all cool friends are in one place, those that keep track of a particular user and those that the particular user keeps track. All that is written in comments on contents, groups, events and posts on Forum is collected on the tab "Comments". "Personal messages" - received or sent are also here. "Settings" contain important things such as user biography and selection of licenses.

Apart from the existing possibility of uploading pictures, users can now enter articles visible on Blogs homepage.

Users can communicate on several levels - via two way friendships, group, events, forum and chat. Level of communication is selected per own affinity.

In the magazine part of Coolinarika, the collection of good articles about food, health, traveling and other, we emphasize Food dictionary, a result of several years of work, containing more than 3,500 terms from areas of food, nutritionism, food technology and culinary art.

Coolinarika is the first Croatian social network based on food and cooking, and with it Podravka gets the possibility of direct communication with its consumers, with the purpose of better and focused marketing promotion of its brands and creation of exceptional loyalty. This way the users of Coolinarika become the best promoters of Podravka and Coolinarika. - Food, fun and friends - always with a heart


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