About Podravka

We find consumer trust our biggest success. We have built it for centuries and thanks to it we have become a leading food brand in the region.

Always with a heart

Our basic values are: creativity - ideas that move the heart, because the heart moves everything else, trust - as a stock of every good meal, passion - what turns meal in feast, consumer trust - we do not have consumers, we have guests at our table, and to everything we do we add excellence.

Knowledge in Focus 2016

Ensure your seat at the conference on time, the number of attandees is limited!

Our products are of high quality, they are practical and safe. Using the advantages of global and local, they are adjusted to national cuisines, cherishing the particularities of local taste.

The key to our success are professional, creative and reliable employees, ready to contribute at any moment for the well-being of the company and to invest additional effort and time to achieve above average results.

More than forty markets...

We are one of the leading companies in the SouthEast, Central and Eastern Europe. Numerous consumers have recognized the values of our products in more than forty countries on all five continents.


Dedicated to improve everyday quality of life for our consumers, customers and employees by being innovative and international


Providing innovative culinary experience and healthy living solutions for you.


Aiming to advance the quality of living for the society where it operates, from the moment it was founded Podravka invests in science and education, sustainable development, culture, art, sports and humanitarian projects.


Contributing to the society in which we do business, through our two foundations „prof. Zlata Bartl“ Foundation and „Always with a heart“ Foundation, sharing corporate social responsibility.

Podravka's history starts in 1934, when the Wolf brothers from Koprivnica started a workshop for processing fruit. It has been 80 years since then, and today Podravka is among the leading companies in SouthEast, Central and Eastern Europe.